Photographs from a surf trip / April 2021

Living the dream, many romanticize this idea of living in an area with lush vegetation, sweeping landscapes, golden sunsets, and the sound of waves lapping on shores for days on end

In reality, most could not disconnect themselves from the hyper-connected lives in the city. Fearing the uncomfortable and the unknown.

There are individuals, though, who welcome this uncertainty. Dandoy Tongco uprooted his life in Cebu City and moved to a slower, calmer, more sustainable life in Samar Island.

We decided to take the 6 hour drive north from Tacloban to experience the life and community Dandoy has been building up in his little corner up north.

Thank you Dandoy, Mica, and the rest of the Punta Caba surf community for having us.




Photographer / UI Designer

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Nick Aguilos

Nick Aguilos

Photographer / UI Designer

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